Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Q: What time can I pick up my child?
A: You are welcome to pick up your child anytime. By 5:30 pm our
core curriculum which includes martial arts class, physical fun and
games, quiet time for reading/homework, and snack are all done. We
allow pick up as late as 6:30pm.

Q: Will my child get time for homework?
A: Each day as part of our Premier curriculum to build strong bodies
and minds- we have a 30 minute quiet time where kids can read
and/or do homework.


Q: What about half days and holidays?
A: All half days are included in your membership as well as any
student holiday/teacher work days. We have amazing day camps
available for extended breaks for an additional cost. Below you will
find a list of key dates for your convenience.

Q: Can I cancel the program if it’s not a good fit?
A: We certainly understand your concern, so we have a guarantee
during the first four weeks where you can cancel the program
anytime for free. The great thing is that it rarely happens. Our team
are professionals at welcoming new members, making them feel at
home, and helping them to make new friends. They will likely LOVE
our program like the rest of our members.



8/21: BISD/GCISD First Day- OPEN
8/21-8/22: Back to School Camp (HEB)- INCLUDED
9/4: Labor Day- CLOSED
10/6: Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day- FUN CAMP- INCLUDED
10/9: Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day- FUN CAMP- INCLUDED
11/22: Pre-Thanksgiving- FUN CAMP- INCLUDED
11/23-11/24: Thanksgiving Break- CLOSED
12/18-12/22: Winter Break- CAMP- EXTRA FEE
12/25-1/1: Winter Break- CLOSED
1/2: Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day-FUN CAMP- INCLUDED
1/3: Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day-FUN CAMP- INCLUDED
1/15: Martin Luther King Holiday- CLOSED
2/19: Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day-FUN CAMP- INCLUDED
3/12-3/16: Spring Break- CAMP- EXTRA FEE
3/30: Good Friday Holiday- CLOSED
5/28: Memorial Day Holiday- CLOSED
5/31: Last Day of School- INCLUDED

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