Graduation Ceremony!

WOW!  We’re really proud of the students in our programs.  Last week’s testing looked amazing and you all rock!  Your next step is to attend our graduation ceremony.  

Here are the details:


Saturday, January 16

All students, including Teen & Adults, are part of the ceremonies.  As such, we will have three ceremonies that will be split by belt rank.  If you have questions about which time to attend, just give us a call.


10:30am - 11:45am  White and Yellow Belts

Portraits following ceremony


12:15pm - 1:30pm  Orange, Purple, Blue Belts

Portraits following ceremony


2:00pm - 3:15pm  Green, Brown, Red, Black Belts

Portraits following ceremony

Missing Stripes:  If you missed a stripe test for some reason please see your instructors before class. We will look at skills and determine if you are ready.  We may schedule a private session or award stripe after class.

Registration and Fees:   The graduation fee (also known as belt fee) is $50 and can be paid online or in person.  If you paid the fee before you tested, you are all set.  There is not a separate fee for graduation.  Fees are for time, instructors, testing, belts, certificates, and the experience.  Discounts are given for families with more than one child -- first student is $50, second is $40, and third child is just $20.  You can pay online or in-house.   All students must register online to participate in the ceremony.  This helps ensure names and belt sizes are accurate when we order belts.  For those that aren't comfortable registering online, please call us or stop by the front desk to provide registration information.  If you have more than 3 children graduating, please call us to register. 

Register here:

Photographer:  A professional photographer, J.D. Yao, will capture action shots from the ceremonies!  Plus after each ceremony, he will be set-up to take individual portraits of students in their uniform posing in their favorite karate stance or with their choice of weapon!  You can also take a picture with your family members -- It's a great way to capture fun and unique family photos!  There is no charge to get your pictures taken, and no obligation to buy. 


Photo CDs:  Photo CDs are a popular way of capturing your journey to black belt.  Print and share as many prints as you like.  They include ceremony shots and individual portraits and must be paid for before they are created.  Before or Jan 16th they cost $25.  After Jan 16th, the cost is $30 per CD.